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GRLC Honored with 2021 Lake Management Award

GRLC board members Lisa Busa and Dave Fowler accept the "2021 Lake Management Award for an Outstanding Organization" at this year's PALMS conference in State College, PA.

Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC) is proud to announce that it has been awarded the 2021 Lake Management Award for an Outstanding Organization by the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS), in recognition of the organization's valuable contributions to Pennsylvania lake and watershed management.

PALMS is dedicated to the management, restoration, and protection of Pennsylvania’s lakes and surrounding watersheds. PALMS is comprised of lake and watershed associations throughout the state, concerned citizens, and watershed management professionals from the private and public sector with the common interest of protecting Pennsylvania lakes for future generations.

Glade Run Lake Conservancy was recognized for the organization’s work in acquiring conservation easement protection, obtaining a DCNR matching grant, and acquiring a 53-acre parcel that expanded the preserved land in the Glade Run Lake watershed. The Conservancy has also added 140 fish habitats to the lake, constructed the fishing jetty and established a walking trail on the north side of the lake. GRLC secured community involvement and worked with various state and local agencies to document the importance of the aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna in the watershed and lake. Part of that work has involved the planting of native plant species and the identification and removal of invasive species. The group has also partnered with the Consortium of Scientific Assistance to Watersheds, Allegheny College, Chatham University and the Oakmont Water Authority on a water testing program that measures the phosphorous and nitrogen content of tributaries and lake water.

Glade Run Lake wishes to recognize and thank the Allegheny Land Trust who partnered with GRLC to secure the conservation easement, grant and property that will be deeded to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC). This addition will increase the existing property by 25% and will be managed and maintained by PFBC. The GRLC has successfully partnered with local, county and state governments, the Boy Scouts of America who constructed 23 Eagle Scout projects on the property, our local Royal Grange, Sylvania Foundation, Friends of the Reservoir, Shell Oil Company, Butler County Agricultural Preservation, and the Mars School district. We wish to thank the many community contributions from members, businesses and donors who made these accomplishments possible. These improvements will preserve Glade Run Lake and the watershed for future generations.

Young toddler catches a fish at Glade Run Lake.

The Glade Run Lake Conservancy was established in 2011 after the lake was drained (view lake history for more details). GRLC obtained over 2,000 members and substantial finances in its first two years. This allowed the organization to obtain the assistance and commitment of three state senators, the Governor and PFBC, providing the opportunity for the dam to be rebuilt. The lake with its new spillway and renovated dam was officially reopened in April 2017. The GRLC began to work on the preservation and protection of the lake and its watershed in perpetuity so that future generations could enjoy this beautiful gem located in Middlesex Township. “We are proud to have accomplished as much as we have over the past 10 years and plan to secure additional conservation easements, agricultural easements through the state farm preservation program, and acquisition of additional adjacent properties to the lake,” stated Conservancy President Siggy Pehel. "It's a special place and a joy to see the faces of young children light up when they catch their first fish here."

The officers and board of directors of the Glade Run Lake Conservancy express our sincere gratitude and thanks to PALMS for selecting us as their 2021 PA lake organization of the year. It is an honor! GRLC will continue our mission to preserve, protect, educate and serve the community.

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