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June 8, 2023  |   6:00pm  |  Glade Run Lake, Valencia, PA

Pennsylvania's Bats & Bat Houses

Join us at Glade Run Lake and learn about different bat species found in Pennsylvania, how they are important to agriculture and forestry economies, and how white nose syndrome is negatively impacting their populations across the state.


Time & Location

Thursday, June 8, 2023  |  6:00pm
Glade Run Lake, Lake Road, Valencia, PA 16059

About the Event

Did you know that there are nine species of bats in Pennsylvania? What's the difference between Little Brown and Big Brown bats? How are bats important to Pennsylvania's agriculture and forestry economies? How has white nose syndrome affected Pennsylvania's bats? How are bats behaviorally just like dogs and cats?

You'll learn all of this and more, such as what to do if you find a bat on the ground and how to safely get bats out of your attic, garage or barn. How can you help bats? Learn how to provide a successful bat house. Bat house models and plans will be available along with additional handouts. 

Note: Program will last approximately 90 minutes.

This event is sponsored by Armstrong Antlers & Anglers.

Mark your calendars for all the events in the GRLC's 2023 Nature Series. See our schedule of events below for more details.

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How to Sign Up

Registration is not required to attend the "Pennsylvania's Bats & Bat Houses" event.

Event Location

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