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If you're planning a day trip or weekend visit to Glade Run Lake, below are a few suggested activities to do while you're there. Also, take some time to peruse our Gallery. It contains a large collection of photos and videos that highlight the recreational opportunities and natural beauty that await you at Glade Run Lake.


Go fishing.  Whether you're a seasoned angler or just learning how to fish, you'll surely enjoy your time spent at Glade Run Lake. Fishing structures installed along the ADA-accessible pier provide suitable habitat for fish. Willow trees growing in the lake are remnants of days gone by when the lake was drained due to its unsafe earthen dam (now repaired). Though they may seem a hindrance, these trees mimic the fishing structures found near the pier and provide attractive habitat for the lake's growing fish population. Anglers can choose to fish along the lake's shoreline, in an un-powered boat, or in an electric-powered motorboat. In the winter time, ice fishing is also a popular activity. When wrapping up your fishing trip at Glade Run Lake, be sure to clean your gear to avoid the potential spread of invasive plant and animal species. 


Paddle.  If paddling is your past-time, bring your kayak, canoe, or paddle board and enjoy Glade Run Lake's 52 acres of aquatic bliss. Glide along the water's surface and soak in the serene beauty of nature all around you. Remember that as you pass by the willow trees growing in the lake, they are remnants of days gone by when the lake was drained due to its unsafe earthen dam (now repaired). While on the water, expect to see wildlife not easily seen from the shoreline including herons, wood ducks, and perhaps even an eagle if you're lucky. When you're finished paddling, be sure to clean your gear to avoid the potential spread of invasive plant and animal species. 

Note: Un-powered boats may be moored at the lake in accordance with PFBC property regulations. To be used at the lake, boats must be registered or have a valid launch permit. Permits are issued by the PFBC or PA DCNR.

BetterBoat_trolling motor.jpg

Bring your motorboat.  Motorboat enthusiasts are welcome at Glade Run Lake.  Use the boat launch located at the bottom of the parking area to safely access the water and begin your boating adventure. Only electric-powered motorboats are allowed at Glade Run Lake; gasoline-powered engines are prohibited to ensure the lake's continued good water quality. While on the water, enjoy casting a line if you're a fishermen or take in the beauty of the landscape and watch for various species of wildlife that call the park their home. Once your boat is back on land, be sure to check for any invasive plant or animal species that may have hitched a ride on your boat and remove any you find prior to leaving the park. 


Hike.  If you enjoy a walk in the woods, you're sure to enjoy hiking at Glade Run Lake Park. The mile-long (loop) trail begins at the northeastern corner of the parking lot where hikers are met with a downhill sloping dirt path. A sturdy wooden foot bridge is found shortly thereafter and provides hikers with easy access across a small stream. The trail continues uphill, eventually winding its way around the edge of Glade Run Lake. Hikers can expect to see a myriad of bird species along the trail as well as other wildlife including frogs, squirrels, chipmunks, and deer. Throughout the spring and summer, native wildflowers can be seen along the trail edge too. With changing seasons and summer thunderstorms, sections of the trail can become wet at times, so be sure to watch your step and wear appropriate footwear. When finishing your hike, make sure to clean your shoes and clothing to avoid transporting invasive plants or seeds prior to leaving the park.

Picnic Tea

Pack a picnic.  During the warmer months of the year, pack your favorite picnic foods and a blanket and plan to dine outdoors at Glade Run Lake Park. Walk a short distance from the parking lot and find a spot among the trees overlooking the lake to claim as your own temporary dining space. As you enjoy your meal, sit back and enjoy the beauty of the park's picturesque landscape. Listen to the sounds of birds singing. Watch as a lucky fishermen reels in his catch. And if you're picnicking near dusk, watch as the sun sets low on the horizon and the sky fades to shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple. When you're finished, pack up all your belongings and make sure to take all leftover food and trash with you as trash cans are not available at the park.


Bird watch.  Glade Run Lake Park is considered by many to be a birder's paradise. Home to over 150 different species of birds, the lake and surrounding natural landscape provide excellent habitat for birds of all sorts. Bring a pair of binoculars and roam the park property to see what winged species you may encounter. No matter if you choose to stay along the lake shore, hike the trail, or launch your boat and get out on the water, you're sure to see some feathered friends along the way. View a list of bird species spotted at Glade Run Lake. (Bird list provided by 


Photograph nature.  The beauty of nature is best remembered not by taking it with you, but by capturing it with a camera. At Glade Run Lake Park, beauty and serenity abound, and nature lovers are invited to come and experience, recreate in, and photograph the park to their heart's content. Whether you're a professional photographer or someone who simply enjoys taking pictures, all are welcome to come and enjoy nature at Glade Run Lake Park.


Enjoy.  Glade Run Lake Park is one of those places you can come to without any plans in mind and just relax. The beauty of the surrounding landscape, the excitement of seeing native wildlife, and the opportunity to meet others from the local community are all opportunities that await you from a visit to Glade Run Lake. Learn how you can help protect and enhance the lake and surrounding park property by becoming a member (or renewing your membership) with the Glade Run Lake Conservancy.

NOTICE: Activities prohibited in Glade Run Lake and at Glade Run Lake Park include swimming, horseback riding, ATV'ing, camping, and mountain biking. To prevent contamination of the lake, no gasoline motors or other devices using petroleum products are permitted on the lake. Only electric trolling motors are allowed.

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