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  • What are the rules for leaving boats at Glade Run Lake?
    Boaters wishing to use the overnight mooring cable must have one of the following (valid) permits: 1. PFBC Use Permit 2. DCNR Launch Permit 3. PFBC Non-Power Registration or Motorboat Registration The overnight mooring can be used from March 1 to November 30.
  • Is fishing "catch-and-release" only?"
    Please refer to the PFBC Pennsylvania Fishing Laws and Regulations for information on whether or not you may keep a fish after catching it. Regulations pertain to the type of fish you catch.
  • Is fishing allowed from the dam?
    Yes! People wishing to fish at Glade Run Lake may do so on the dam. However, please note that fishing from the spillway is prohibited.
  • Is the hiking trail maintained?
    Yes, the hiking trail at Glade Run Lake is maintained periodically by GRLC board members and volunteers. If you see a section of trail that is in need of maintenance or would like to assist in a volunteer capacity with trail maintenance, please contact us.
  • Why are there trees in the lake?
    During the time the lake was drained (2011-2017), trees and other plant life had an opportunity to grow in the lake bed. When the lake was filled in, the trees were left on purpose in order to provide habitat for fish. Over time the trees will die off, but the GRLC is hoping that some will survive as they continue to make great habitat for fish and birds.
  • Are public bathroom facilities available at Glade Run Lake?
    The only bathroom facilities available at Glade Run Lake Park are port-a-johns in the parking lot. These facilities are provided by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. They are seasonally placed.
  • Is ice fishing allowed at Glade Run Lake?
    Yes, ice fishing is allowed at Glade Run Lake and many people enjoy partaking in this activity during the winter months. However, because ice thickness is not monitored, ice fishing and related activities (such as ice hockey) are done at your own risk. Please exercise caution when participating in these types of activities at Glade Run Lake during the wintertime.
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