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Dave Fowler


As a passionate advocate for nature, Dave was one of the original founders of the Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC).

In 1979, Dave earned a B.S. in geology from The University of Utah. He then went on to become a professional registered geologist, a career that would span the United States with jobs in nine states and several countries overseas. Dave retired in 2013. He continues to be active in the local community and is a member of the Middlesex Township Planning Commission.

In his efforts to better the Glade Run Lake and its surrounding park land, Dave's main focuses include habitat improvement for native species, re-establishing aquatic plant species in the lake, species observation and documentation, and invasive species elimination efforts. 

Throughout his time with the GRLC, Dave has been active with all of the Boy Scout and Eagle Scout projects which aim to improve the lake property. He is also working with the Consortium for the Scientific Assistance for Watersheds (C-SAW) to monitor and protect the water quality of the lake and streams in the watershed.

Preserving and improving the lake's ecology for future generations inspires Dave to continue his efforts. He remarks, "You rarely have an opportunity to permanently improve our world for posterity, but when you do, you must dedicate yourself to that effort."

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