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T.Lyle Ferderber


T.Lyle serves as the Treasurer of the Glade Run Lake Conservancy.

T. Lyle and his wife Betty Ferderber were two of the original founders of the Glade Run Lake Conservancy. Growing up near the lake, T.Lyle fished and paddled there in his youth, courted Betty as a young adult, and later took their children to the lake to canoe and kayak.

T.Lyle has been an active member of the local community, first as a pioneering organic farmer and flour miller with Frankferd Farms Milling starting in 1980. Then in 1985, he and Betty opened Frankferd Farms Foods, an organic and natural foods distributor, eventually serving five states with almost 3,000 items. In addition to life as a business owner, T.Lyle has coached soccer for 15 years in the Mars Club system and has been active with local government initiatives as well as statewide non-profits.

As a lifelong resident of Middlesex Township, T.Lyle values the importance of preserved, wild places for what they give to an area in recreation, peace and quiet, value to the residents, and a place for the natural world to thrive. Whether farming or gardening, hiking or cyling, T.Lyle and Betty love working with the natural world to bring out its best and share it with the community.

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