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May 18, 2023  |   6:00pm  |  Glade Run Lake, Valencia, PA

The Beneficial Chimney Swifts

Join us at Glade Run Lake and learn about the chimney swift, a remarkable bird not often seen by humans.


Time & Location

Thursday, May 18, 2023  |  6:00pm
Glade Run Lake, Lake Road, Valencia, PA 16059

About the Event

Often mistaken for bats, the amazing bird that you see and hear around chimneys is a chimney swift. They are with us from April to September before migrating to South America during our winter. Prior to their return, it is important to close your fireplace damper by mid-April. 

These remarkable creatures have a strong partnership with the structures that we build. Originally nesting and roosting in large hollow trees, they have adapted well to vanishing forests. For hundreds of years, chimney swifts have raised their babies in the chimneys of North America - no more than a few feet from where we raise our own children. These amazingly acrobatic little birds are rarely seen up close by humans unless one drops into the fireplace!

Homeowners and the chimney swifts will benefit from this 60-minute program dedicated to the safety and conservation of these remarkable birds.

This event is sponsored by Armstrong Antlers & Anglers.

Mark your calendars for all the events in the GRLC's 2023 Nature Series. See our schedule of events below for more details.

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How to Sign Up

Registration is not required to attend the ""Beneficial Chimney Swifts" event.

Event Location

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