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Dead Fish Reported at Glade Run Lake

The Glade Run Lake Conservancy has recently received several reports from concerned community members asking why there are dead fish floating near the shoreline and spillway at Glade Run Lake. The following response from Tim Wilson, Area Fisheries Manager with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, provides insight into this situation. His response is dated May 31, 2022.


"We have been getting reports of small fish kills from multiple locations around western Pennsylvania. Many of the warmwater fish (Bluegills, Crappies, Bass) are spawning or have just completed spawning. The act of spawning is physiologically taxing on fish and can weaken their immune system. It appears that spawning activity coinciding with a rapid increase in water temperatures is leading to some fish mortality, probably resulting from Columnaris or fungal infections. Under normal conditions, the fishes' immune systems would fight off these infections, but spawning is a stressful time of the year for them and they are more susceptible to these infections. This current heat wave isn't helping, especially for any trout that might be left in the lake. Plus, the amount of fishing activity could be leading to some catch-and-release mortality.

If it turns into a widespread event, especially if it involves multiple species of fish, please report it to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as soon as possible. Thanks for the heads up."


Anglers at Glade Run Lake, Valencia, PA. Photo courtesy of Karlee Holmes.

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