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Event Notice: Wings of the Deep (Wed, June 19, 2024)



"Wings of the Deep: Exploring the Biodiverse World of Aquatic Insects"


Freshwater ecosystems are hotspots of biodiversity. Rivers and streams in eastern North America harbor more species of fish, mussels, and crayfish than any other temperate biome. However, aquatic insects represent by far the largest group of freshwater animals in all freshwater ecosystems. Many ecological processes, both in water and on land, would cease to function without the many aquatic insects that emerge from our waterways. Join Dr. Ryan Utz of Chatham University for an evening of getting to know the many aquatic insects of western Pennsylvania. We will sample Glade Run Lake and nearby streams to collect and examine up close the caddisflies, dragonflies, mayflies, and many other major aquatic insect groups you likely have never heard of. Come prepared to get muddy, as you will be invited to sample insects yourself. Our focus will be on both how to identify aquatic insects and what ecological roles they fulfill. This free program is sponsored by Armstrong Antlers & Anglers.

Registration is not required to attend this event.

Time & Location

Wednesday, June 19 | 6:00pm

Glade Run Lake, Lake Road, Valencia, PA 16059


Dr. Ryan Utz, Associate Professor of Water Resources at Chatham University

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