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Long Lost Rapala

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

The following story was originally featured on the Glade Run Lake Conservancy's website prior to the development of the current (new) website, and prior to when the lake was refilled in 2017. It is a continuation in a new series of stories we are highlighting from members of our local community who value and appreciate Glade Run Lake.

The long lost Rapala. Credit: Doug Barbin

I learned to fish at Glade Run Lake when I was three years old. It was always a special place for me, where I would go just to relax. When I was five years old, I lost my first lure my dad ever bought me. I felt horrible about it back then.

After the lake was drained, I was walking in the lake bed, remembering all the memories I had there over the years. Then, low and behold, I looked down and saw something partly covered in mud sticking out of the lake bed. I picked it up, and there in my hands was the first Rapala I ever owned - 39 years after I had lost it. I plan on putting hooks back on it and making my first cast back in the lake with it after the lake is refilled, and then will retire it to a clear container for memory's sake.

-Written by Doug Barbin

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