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New Signs Tell of Local Plants, Animals, and Their Conservation

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Written by Peter Walker, Vice President of the Glade Run Lake Conservancy

January 26, 2023

It’s cold out there! It's the first week this year we’ve had to put coats on our dogs, not that they need it with the amount of running around and chasing squirrels they do.

We were recently out at Glade Run Lake to see the new informational signs that have gone in. Do check them out! There are currently four new signs in place. They have been designed and put together specifically for Glade Run Lake, to tell the story of the local plants and animals and their conservation.

Blog author Peter Walker along with Ceri Walker and their dogs

There is a sign down by the fishing pier, showing all the fish we get in the lake and another one by the kayak launching dock telling the story of the invasive plants that threaten the lake and woods ecology.

If you hike the trail off the north-east end of the parking lot, you’ll see the third sign, at the trailhead, telling you all about the trees and ecology of the woods. Finally, just after the foot bridge further down the trail, the fourth sign highlights the most common birds we get in the woods.

The signs are printed on aluminum, bonded onto a very hard resin. They are guaranteed not to fade and should last a lifetime. They were not cheap, but a grant from Butler Junior Chamber of Commerce helped cover part of the cost.

Happy, and informative, hiking!

© Gordon Ovenshine

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