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This information comes directly from the PFBC's website.

Information about Commission Activities & Operations


Trout Opening Days & Mentored Youth Program



The PFBC will operate under a consolidated statewide schedule for all counties during the 2020 trout season. Under this revised plan, a single Statewide Opening Day of trout season will take place on April 7.

The earlier regional mentored youth and opening days will not occur in 2020 in 18 southeastern counties.

Trout Stocking


2020 trout stocking will be conducted on an accelerated schedule. To ensure public safety, volunteers will NOT be permitted to assist with stocking activities.

To complete trout stocking operations without the assistance of the public, the PFBC will modify stocking methods for this year. Many PFBC staff are being reassigned from their normal work duties to assist with stocking fish into lakes and streams. In some cases, pre-season and in-season allocations of trout will be combined into single stocking events to increase the efficiency of stocking trips. Initially, stockings will be prioritized to deliver trout to regions of the Commonwealth that are predicted to be affected most severely by COVID-19 that could result in restrictions on travel.

Purchase and Display Your Fishing License, Launch Permits and Boat Registrations

To reduce unnecessary travel and social contact amid health concerns, Commission Executive Director Tim Schaeffer signed an emergency order that allows anglers and boaters to display their fishing license, launch permit, or boat registration digitally on a phone or other mobile device as proof of possession.

This change will allow customers who may be unable to, or feel uncomfortable visiting a store to purchase a fishing license, launch permit, or boat registration renewal to make the purchase online through The Outdoor Shop (

Beware of on-line scam fishing license websites. Purchase online PA fishing licenses only from the PA Fish and Boat Commission official website at

Anglers who purchase PA Fishing Licenses online using a mobile device can save the purchased fishing license PDF to their phone using the phones save image/document procedures. Also acceptable would be a screen shot of the complete imaged license or a saved image of the license in your photo library.

The application does not e-mail a copy of the PDF, only a receipt for the purchase.

Similarly, with each boating related transaction, customers will receive a digital receipt that serves a temporary permit or registration valid for immediate use. Eventually, customers will receive validation decals and registration cards in the mail from the PFBC, which can take several weeks.

If approached by a Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO) in the field, the angler or boater would only have to produce the digital image of the license, permit or registration on their phone or mobile device. A digital copy of the .pdf, photo, or screenshot of your fishing license, launch permit or boat registration on your phone or mobile device will all be accepted as proof of possession.


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