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Preserve and Protect

The Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC) is excited to showcase a brand new film about Glade Run Lake titled "Preserve & Protect: The Story of Glade Run Lake".

Released in summer 2021 and created by Wild Excellence Films, this short video features a plethora of beautiful bird species and other wildlife found at the lake. It also captures stunning nature imagery, including some aerial drone footage. Community members are highlighted in the film as they enjoy kayaking, boating, fishing, and attending special events.

GRLC board members featured in the film discuss the many reasons why Glade Run Lake is such a special place in our local community and the region. They also mention current activities the GRLC is doing to help preserve and protect the lake for years to come, including land acquisition and water sampling.

We hope you enjoy watching the film and encourage you to share it with others!

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