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What Fish are in Glade Run Lake?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Ever wonder what fish are in Glade Run Lake?

In Spring 2019, the PFBC conducted a trapnet survey to monitor the development of the warmwater fishery in the lake. The main goal of the survey was to observe the levels of natural reproduction occurring in the lake. The following is a list of fish species that were captured during the survey. Click each species to learn more about it.

Please Note: If you read the full report conducted by the PFBC, you'll notice that other species of fish were stocked in Glade Run Lake in 2017, shortly after the lake had been refilled. Also in 2017, other fish species were found in the stream that fills Glade Run Lake. And of course, after the lake had been refilled, it was immediately returned to the hatchery trout stocking program. So with this information in mind, the list of fish species found in Glade Run Lake today likely includes more than what is listed above. Read the full PFBC report for more details.

(Photo above): Channel Catfish stocked by Butler Jr. High Cooperative Nursery. Fish were marked by clipping the adipose fin. You can see the adipose fin is missing on the fish in the picture.

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