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What the Lake Teaches Us About Politics

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Written by Peter Walker, GRLC Board Member

Pictured above: Peter Walker

There is this guy I work with. Normally I avoid him like the plague. His politics and attitudes are so different from mine. Somehow, he heard that I was associated with Glade Run Lake and starts talking to me, like for the first time in years. He told me about how his dad used to fish there back in the 50s, and how he has such fond memories of going there with him. He said he is so grateful that the lake has opened up again because now he can take his grandson fishing there.

So we sat there, talking about fishing and preserving the lake for our grandkids. We talked about the importance of kids appreciating wildlife and laughing about how silly it was that we had avoided each other for so long because of our politics. Eventually we both came to the realization that, even if one of us is a manic democrat and the other a republican zealot, we still have a lot in common.

This just got me thinking about the value of places like Glade Run Lake. We see and talk about the obvious stuff - fishing, hiking, bird watching - but seem to skip over the deeper stuff.

The lake brings people together.

Pictured above: Glade Run Lake. Photo courtesy of Katrina Stanley.

It allows families to have an affordable day out. It allows grumpy old guys like me to sit with other grumpy old guys, fishing and generally holding forth on how kids today have no idea what life is about. And, if we are open to it, it allows us to see that there is far more that unites us as Americans than divides us.

We all want a good life for our kids and grandkids. We all want to be treated courteously and we all need places of peace and tranquility we can go to recharge our batteries. Glade Run Lake is way more than a fish and ecology preserve. It's ultimately about people and the values we all share.

Pictured above: Angler fishing at Glade Run Lake. Photo provided by Peter Walker.

Boating at Glade Run Lake. Photo provided by Peter Walker.

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