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Community Clean Up Day Recap

Written by Christina Handley, GRLC Board Member

On the morning of Sunday, May 19, the Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC) held a Community Clean Up Day at Glade Run Lake. Sponsored and assisted by Public Lands and Stick City Brewing, volunteers from the community as well as staff members of Stick City and Public Lands worked on various projects around the lake.

Fresh cut hemlock blocks and planks were carried up to a mile on the walking trail to repair bog bridges (wooden walkways that float over marshy areas) which allow hiking over the mud while letting water pass underneath. An owl box, made by the Latodami Nature Center and donated by a GRLC board member, was installed in a tall tree in the woods.

American chestnut plantings were mulched and bench areas were landscaped. Invasive plants along the trail, including privet and multiflora rose, were cut or torn out. Litter was also collected and disposed of.

Thanks to the heavy duty wood chipper supplied by Salter Construction, a decades-old wood pile was reduced to a manageable size for future clearing and replanting.

Public Lands supplied coffee, donuts, healthy snacks, and tools. When the event wrapped up at 1:00pm, Stick City Brewing supplied their signature beverages at their facility where volunteers gathered to rest after a morning’s hard labor.

Over two dozen folks showed up to carry, prune, mulch and clear wood and brush for the event. GRLC board members pitched in with tools, mulch, and sturdy backs to direct the volunteers who ranged in age from 11 to 72.

The weather was great, the sweat and effort were honest, and the pride of helping the community was evident from all those who attended. Siggy Pehel, GRLC President, said that this day represented the best of our community’s folks and businesses.

Thanks to all!

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