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Eagle Service Projects Enhance Habitats and Beauty at Glade Run Lake

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Written by Susie Salter, Glade Run Lake Conservancy Director

Glade Run Lake and its surrounding property has been fortunate to be the beneficiary of 25 completed Eagle Scout service projects, with three in the works for 2023.

The first project in 2014 was a bridge that crossed a major tributary to the dry lakebed that gave access to the north shore of the lake before it was refilled. The generosity, talent, and skills of these projects have helped in maintaining and preserving the habitats and resources of the park.

Projects that were installed in the lake consist of porcupine cribs (vertical plank structures for fish habitat) as well as turtle basking platforms and wood duck boxes.

Bird habitats consist of bat boxes, chimney swift towers, and an osprey platform.

The hiking trail has over 1,400 feet of new wooden walkways to protect crucial wet areas for reptiles and invertebrates.

Additional projects include the planting of native trees and wildflowers. Pollinator houses below the dam were installed. The concrete ramp in the parking area was created. And a concrete picnic table and benches along the lakeshore and trail were also installed. All of these important projects were the work of Eagle Scouts.

The following list provides a brief description and timeline of all completed Eagle Scout projects at Glade Run Lake:

  • Adam Darrah, Troop 58: Stream crossing bridge. (Fall 2014)

  • Dillon Latini, Troop 58. Kiosk sign at trailhead. (Fall 2016)

  • Matthew Rechenberg, Troop 58: Working with the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) and the Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC), built 12 porcupine cribs that were immersed in the lake for use as fish habitat. (Spring 2017)

  • Jacob Rechenberg, Troop 58: Working with the PFBC and GRLC, built 12 turtle basking platforms and placed them in the coves and shallows of the lake. (Spring 2017)

  • Sean Lordo, Troop 58: Built nine wooden walkways (bog bridging) across wet areas on the trail, allowing walkers and birdwatchers easier access to more areas of the lake. (Spring 2017)

  • Alec Strawn, Troop 58: Built and erected an osprey nesting platform and planted native plantings on the island in the lake. (Summer 2017)

  • David Bauer, Troop 58: Built and replaced four new benches along the lakeshore near the jetty for fishing and enjoying the view of the lake. (Summer 2017)

  • Greg Sico, Troop 58: Built a concrete picnic table and benches for use as a place to gather after fishing or kayaking. (Fall 2017)

  • Nathan Todd, Troop 400: Built and installed seven wood duck boxes that were placed on the south shores of the lake. (Fall 2017)

  • Tanner Matko, Troop 58: Added a half mile extension to the trail with wooden walkways (bog bridging) across wet areas for birding and walking. (Fall 2017)

  • Dustin Bauer, Troop 58: Built and installed two bat houses and placed near the dam and near the trail on the northeast side of the lake. (Fall 2017)

  • Alex Edder, Troop 58: Working with the Western Pennsylvania Audubon Society, built two chimney swift towers that were installed near and below the dam. (Summer 2018)

  • Joey Baker, Troop 17: Built four benches that were installed on the lakeshore, plus mulching wet spots on trail. (Summer 2018)

  • Regis Colwell, Troop 17: Working with the PFBC, built 10 short vertical plank structures for use as fish habitat. (Summer 2018)

  • Ryan Kaniuff, Troop 17: Built and installed three bat boxes. (Spring 2019)

  • Michael Kohl, Troop 58: Added and installed 340 feet of bog bridging (Summer 2019)

  • Vincent Riehl, Troop 17: Added and installed 120 feet of bog bridging (Summer 2019)

  • Jacob Colwell, Troop 17: Added and installed 100 feet of bog bridging, plus built two benches along trail. (Summer 2019)

  • Adrian Zugehar, Troop 58: Installed handicap accessible concrete pad and walkway to and around the Russ Matchett bench in the parking area. (Fall 2019)

  • Christopher Coholich, Troop 17: Added and installed 130 feet of bog bridging. (Summer 2020)

  • Luke Mager, Troop 400: Added and installed 150 feet of bog bridging. (Fall 2020)

  • Thomas Spreng, Troop 58: Installed 150 feet of Geoweb cells and stone to wet area of trail, just beyond the bridge. (Spring 2021)

  • Thomas Beresnyak, Troop 400: Added and installed 175 feet of bog bridging. (Fall 2021)

  • Jason Andrews, Troop 17: Installed native pollinator houses and planted native trees and wildflowers below the dam. (Fall 2022)

  • Hunter Mycka, Troop 400: Added and installed 140 feet of bog bridging on trail. (Fall 2022)

The Glade Run Lake Conservancy couldn't be more grateful to each of these scouts for their hard work and dedication. Their projects enhance the habitats and beauty in and around Glade Run Lake, both now and for years to come!


About the Author

Susie Salter joined the Glade Run Lake Conservancy Board of Directors in 2012. She coordinates many of the ongoing stewardship projects at the park conducted by local boy scout troops. Learn more about Susie here.

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