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Exotic Fish Found in Glade Run Lake, Leads to Concerns about Lake's Fishery

Updated: Feb 4

Written by Dave Fowler, GRLC Board Member

Any healthy ecosystem is comprised of a great web of different species that interact with one another in a variety of ways. To keep this type of natural community thriving, it's important there be a balance of "actors" - from large game, fish, small minnows and plants, to insects and microscopic plants and animals. If this balance (that has developed over thousands of years) is disrupted, the entire ecosystem can be upset to the point that it's no longer able to sustain itself.

Glade Run Lake is such an ecosystem.

With the restoration of the lake completed in 2017, the reestablishment of a healthy ecologic community was begun with the goal of bringing back a prime sportfish fishery. The Glade Run Lake Conservancy is currently working closely with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) and other organizations to make Glade Run Lake one of the best fishing spots in the region (a goal that has already seen significant progress!). This endeavor was recently confirmed by some of the best professional fishermen in the country when they came to the lake for a visit, saying “In a few more years, this lake will provide some of the best fishing in the state.” (See: Fishing University on the Outdoor Channel).