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Members, Donors and Friends of Glade Run Lake Conservancy

During these most unusual times, the Board of Directors of the Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC) want you all to be aware the lake is open for trout fishing and all the laws pertaining to opening of trout season are now in effect. I spoke with the Fish & Boat Commission today after learning, like most of you, that the lake was opened yesterday (April 7, 2020) as the beginning of trout fishing. I asked them why we, the GRLC, and other similar organizations were not contacted. I was informed it was the Executive Director Tim Schaeffer’s decision in conjunction with the Department of Health, to not tell anybody outside of F&B. They wanted a gradual opening of trout season that they later yesterday announced to news outlets. The intent was to allow people to gradually learn that trout season was open rather than having a one-day opening where larger groups of people would be together. The effect is to minimize having large crowds gather and to allow people to fish at their leisure. This measure allows properly-licensed anglers and youth to begin fishing for and harvesting trout. All regulations, sizes, and creel limits apply.

Anglers and boaters must abide by social distancing guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Governor Tom Wolf’s Stay-at-Home Order regarding COVID-19.

We realize that this announcement is another disruption to tradition, but it is in the best interest of public health and safety,” said Tim Schaeffer, PFBC Executive Director. “We have already seen that anglers and boaters across the Commonwealth are willing to adapt their behavior to include social distancing, and we ask everyone to follow their lead while enjoying outdoor activities during this challenging time. The trout we have been stocking have had time to spread out, and so should you.”

We are very lucky that the Governor has allowed the Fish & Boat Commission to adapt and change their strategy so that you the public are able to enjoy fishing at Glade Run Lake. As the President of the GRLC, I ask you all to please comply with the social distancing guidelines as outlined in today’s Pennsylvania’s Fish & Boat Commissions press release. It is imperative that you abide by these directives for everybody’s health.

The GRLC encourages you to visit the lake and enjoy the myriad of outdoor opportunities that the 150-acre state property provides. Please walk our trail, but be aware that there are still many wet areas even though the wooden bog bridges have eliminated many. Boy Scouts constructed these in order to earn their Eagle badges. There are many other improvements the scouts have made including benches, chimney swift houses, bat boxes, and wooden duck boxes. We thank all of them for their work in providing this contribution to the preserve.

Please enjoy the pavilion, kayak launch, boat launch, and of course the benches and beautiful deck at the end of the jetty. We encourage you to get out, get some exercise and enjoy each other’s company, but at a safe distance.

The GRLC continues to make improvements to the lake and surrounding property with the assistance of Middlesex Township, Butler County, the PA Fish & Boat Commission and you (our members and donors). Currently the GRLC is in the process of expanding the preserve. This will take time and money. We need your continual support, both financially and with your physical assistance, to help keep the preserve clean and free of trash. We ask that what you bring in, you take out, and that includes your dog waste bags.

We encourage your feedback and support. You can reach us at our website –; that will steer you to various ways you can help us help you. Donations and memberships can be made online or sent to – The GRLC 166 Love Rd. Valencia PA 16059. Thank you and enjoy Glade Run Lake.

With sincere regards,

President, Glade Run Lake Conservancy

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