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Recollections of Fishing with My Father

Blog post written by Joseph Miknevich, community member, in memory of his father, Joseph Miknevich Sr.

Long before Glade Run Lake became a "put-and-take" trout fishery, my father and I would spend as many evenings as we could plying its waters for largemouth bass and believe it or not...northern pike. My father did shift work, and when he got home at 3pm, I’d have our rods and hip boots ready, and off we went.

We couldn’t afford a boat, so we mostly hiked and fished the two big inlets on the far side of the lake, opposite the boat launch. Our weapons of choice were black plastic worms, gold flatfish, big Mepps spinners, and a brand new super secret lure...the Rapala! They were very rare and hard to get at that time. You needed to know someone in the tackle business to get one and they cost $25 each (big money back then).

We caught lots of fish though! Most of the bass were only 10”-15”, but Dad did manage a 23” and a 24” one on a flatfish and live frog respectively. Pike were generally 18”-25”, though I remember my father caught a 36” one on a number five gold Mepps.

Deer, foxes, and raccoons were always around. Once wading through the cattails, I tried to step on a log only to find out it was a very surprised and unhappy giant catfish. I ended on my backside with two boots full of mud and water!

The evenings always ended with a soft serve ice cream on Route 8. Good memories!


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