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December 1st is Giving Tuesday! Here's Ways to Give to the Glade Run Lake Conservancy

Written by T. Lyle Ferderber, with contributions by Peter Walker, board members with the Glade Run Lake Conservancy


If you're thinking about supporting a local non-profit this Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020, please consider supporting the Glade Run Lake Conservancy!



The Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC) was founded in 2011 and achieved its status as an official non-profit organization in 2012. It was and continues to be supported by members (who pay annual dues) as well as other community supporters.

Lake reflection (Glade Run Lake). Photo courtesy of David Brooke.

Our organization as well as Glade Run Lake is reliant on you to help fund important projects including trail development efforts and watershed protection tasks. Additionally, expenses not often thought about, but still very important to fund, include board and liability insurance, mailing costs, and website hosting fees (among other things). All of this combined is what comprises the work of the GRLC, and the reasons why we need your continued help in order to continue doing what we do!

Note: The GRLC board members are not paid for their service, but rather are volunteers dedicated to and passionate about Glade Run Lake. As such, we rely on the goodness of our community and its members to keep our organization going.

The following photo slider shows each of the current board members of the GRLC. In order from left to right: Siggy Pehel (President), Becky Miller (Vice President), Carol Jakubovic (Secretary), T. Lyle Ferderber (Treasurer), David Fowler, Susie Salter, Susan Acon, Amy Jewitt, Roy Weitzell, Peter Walker, Karlee Holmes, and Lisa Busa.



If you're not already familiar with the work of the GRLC, you might be wondering what it is that we do every month. Well, here's a quick rundown:

Barred owl at Glade Run Lake. Photo courtesy of David Brooke.

  • We create as much habitat as possible for fish, bats, birds, and four-legged critters drawn to the edges of the lake.

  • We monitor the lake's water quality and compare it against established baselines in order to detect any potential contaminants or problems before they get out of hand.

  • We work with local landowners to preserve land and the feeder streams around the lake.

  • We maintain the new walking trail that so many people enjoy, especially in these challenging times during COVID-19.

  • We support the boy scouts who have created so many great Eagle Scout projects.

  • We are remodeling the old concession stand (located near the boat launch) into a brand new picnic pavilion.

Additionally, the return of the lake (after being drained for several years) means that both girl and boy scouts as well as first responders have a place to learn and practice their water skills.

Bog bridges recently built by an Eagle Scout now allow hikers to keep their feet dry along wet areas of the walking trail at Glade Run Lake.



Members and supporters of the GRLC include a variety of people, including individuals like a young girl scout who saved her pennies and gifted the GRLC over $200 after hearing of the lake's plight.

Or the young man, Evan Kremer, (pictured on the early GRLC brochures) who scoured the dry lake with his dad, saved and cleaned fishing lures found, and had his own garage sale, all in an effort to support the lake. His hard work resulted in a gift of hundreds of dollars to the GRLC!

Evan Kremer worked hard to donate hundreds of dollars to the GRLC, funds that would help bring the lake back after it had been drained in 2011.