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Glade Run Lake: An Escape During COVID-19

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The following post was contributed by a member of the Glade Run Lake community.

I'm so thankful we have Glade Run Lake to escape to. If you are homeschooling the kids or have your parents sheltering at home with you, you'll know what I mean!

Please though, stay safe. You still need to social distance, particularly in the parking lot and along the paths. My rule is, if I can hit someone with my fishing rod, I'm too close.

Gloves are good if you are going to be opening gates or doors or using the kayak launcher, since other people will have been touching these surfaces.

You might also choose to have some Lysol wipes in your pack to wipe down surfaces you are touching. Masks are great for protecting other people from you, if you have the virus and don't know it yet.

Above all, enjoy your quiet time at the lake, stay safe, and keep others safe.

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