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Glade Run Lake Conservancy's 2020 Reflections

Each year, the Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC) creates and distributes an annual newsletter with highlights from some of the major projects our Board members and volunteers have accomplished or are currently involved in. We also take time to remember some of the memorable moments we and others have created while spending time at our gem of a lake.

Stories from this year's edition include:

  1. Preserve and Protect - Written by Siggy Pehel, GRLC President

  2. Glade Run Lake's Newest Resident? (Bald eagle) - Sourced from Audubon Field Guide

  3. With Heartfelt Sympathy (In memory of Ed Doyle) - Written by T. Lyle Ferderber, GRLC Treasurer

  4. New Fundraiser Coming (2022 GRLC calendar) - Written by Carol Jakubovic, GRLC Secretary

  5. Watershed Preservation - Written by Becky Miller, GRLC Vice President

  6. Glade Run Lake Conservancy Trail - Written by Susie Salter, GRLC Board Member

  7. Fundraising: Different in 2020 - Written by Karlee Holmes, GRLC Board Member

  8. Glade Run Lake: A Place of Respite, Relaxation, and Recharge - Written by Susan Acon, GRLC Board Member

  9. Habitats of the Lake - Written by Dave Fowler, GRLC Board Member

  10. Exotic Fish Found in Glade Run Lake, Leads to Concerns about Lake's Fishery - Featured blog post written by Dave Fowler, GRLC Board Member

  11. GRLC First Annual Youth Fishing Derby - Written by Karlee Holmes, GRLC Board Member

  12. GRLC Donation Levels - Written by Peter Walker, GRLC Board Member

Our Board members would like to say a big thank you to Carol Jakubovic, GRLC Secretary, for graciously organizing and compiling this year's newsletter.


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